Filmed on location at Mayowood Road  bridge Rochester MN.

"Louisiana Saturday Night"  Songwriter Bob McDill 

Thanks Evan Bonde for the video production!


Root River Jam will take you into the clouds and beyond with incredible instrumentals and joyous singing that's downright fun to hear.”

— Jeff Hansel Music Blogger

Thursdays on First !
June 14th Rochester MN
Peace Plaza Stage

Thursdays on First ! June 14th Rochester MN Peace Plaza Stage

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Root River Jam is an Americana Roots band based in SE MN. Their original music includes styles from folk, country, rock, blues, Celtic, and jazz.

Singer / guitarist Dave Wilson melds his life experiences into song. Growing up the son of a veterinarian on a farm near Preston, MN. He helped his dad out on many farms throughout the region. His mother taught Dave and his siblings to play piano, and sing melody and harmony. Picking up the guitar from his brother, He started writing music and composing songs during his high school years with an ear for traditional and nontraditional chords and melodies.

The band of "Jammers" includes, Upright bass: Blake Bonde a graduate of the U of M masters in musical performance. He adds a variety of style and nuance to the bands sound. Drums: Miles Johnston, a well known jazz drummer around the area. Playing dynamic rythym lines, Miles gives the music life and breadth.  Fiddle: Charlie Burket has played fiddle since an early age and has progressed to be one of the area's most talented fiddlers'. He plays sweet melody lines allowing Root River Jam to explore a more classical side to their music. Since Charlie has several projects going on We also have on fiddle and vocals: Charlotte Matis. Charlotte is a well known teacher, musician, and music store owner in the Twin Cities area. Her experience fiddling with Irish music an ear for melody and nuance adds to Root River Jams sound and will surely get you clapping! She also has great harmonys and melodies To give the band a full vocal presence.

Audiences are drawn to our sound and instantly connect with expressive melodies, improvisation, and interaction. Recalling the "jams" of the past and renewing the dreams of the future! 

Root River Jam released their debut album in March, 2017. After a wildly successful release party in Rochester, MN, they have been traveling to new destinations promoting their music. 2017 proved to be a breakout year and one of transition. While still playing their favorites places, they are seeking to play new shows at festivals and music events. 

In 2018 we got to know and to meet great new fans! And play many new venues! Thank you to all that have supported us.

A 2019's big goal is to record their new music and travel to new horizons. We Hope to see you at a show!