1. Love Is Unity

From the recording "Double Jam" Love is Unity

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There are forces yet unseen causing us to disagree
As we reach towards unity… won’t you reach for love to set us free
Love to set us free

Everybody’s life intertwines with other people’s lowest times
Compassion is an act grace…show them love don’t you hesitate
Don’t you hesitate

When life seems to create…dis-unity, it could overtake us
Seems like forces want to break us, keep us running round and round in races
Love the human race, Love the Human race

Like they’re your family and friends Where it all began
All you brothers and sisters the world is in your hands

Woah people won’t you heed my call. To love them one won’t you love them all
A riddle in simplicity, the answer love is unity. Love is unity
© David Ross Wilson