From the recording "Double Jam" Love is Unity

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© David Ross Wilson
Easy …. Lovin you is easy
Its the way you make me feel , that’s how I know our love is real
No need to ask why I feel this way, cant you see your love drives me crazy
Easy ….. Lovin you is easy

When I found you next to me…… And we talked and we laughed so easily
That’s when that little voice inside said I'm a gonna love you till the end of time.

Ohh baby when I saw you that day , I couldn’t imagine Id find a love that’d save me
And I feel it in my heart ….. nothing could ever tear us apart

Thats how I knew
right from the start
I got to know …. Come on and show
That you feel the same way

Easy …. Easy
Lovin you is easy
Lovin you is easy